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Microphone Issue
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I have a dual jack headset, which works for every other application that uses my microphone. Under windows settings, it says my microphone works. Under Steam settings, it says my microphone is recognized, and works. There is no other application taking priority over my microphone. I have uninstalled, reinstalled drivers, I have forced my pc to use my microphone and only my microphone, yet DayZ is the only application on my pc that doesn't even recognize my microphone, much less use it. I have also never had microphone issues before, and have tried dozens of solutions, none of which have brought any change at all.


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Operating System
Windows 11 x64
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Microsoft Windows 11 Pro

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Hello JuandaleCrinkle.
Have you tried another microphone? Does it work correctly? Also does your headset run some specific driver/software?

I have tried two other microphones, yes. One was on another dual jack headset, the second was on a bluetooth headset. They both work, but again just not for DayZ. My headset doesn't run any specific driver/software. I've tried every solution available online, and I don't see anyone else with this issue, which is why I am so confused.

Set your windows default and communication device to your mic.

The game uses your default device even though other games recognize the correct input you must directly select it within windows.

I already have the microphone on my headset set as the default communications device. When I talk into it, it says it's working too, and picking up my sound.

default recording device also... windows has 2 input devices