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Proxy Attachment collision not working
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I tried to add a proxy attachment to another item and both items are set to physLayer = "item_large"; in the config.cpp and the proxy attachment also works just fine, but as soon as it is attached, the collision of the attached item no longer works. When the item is not attached, then it has the correct collision. I also added the proxy to the geometry and fire geometry of the parent item. I tried using animations and also AddProxyPhysics and RemoveProxyPhysics via script when attaching and detaching attachments, but either the collision is never there, or the collision is always there, but not there, when attached and not there when detached.

I checked the LargeTent and vehicle models, configs and scripts, but I cannot find the difference why it works there, but not for me


Operating System
Windows 11 x64

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Hello LBmaster.
Collisions on vehicle attachments are currently not implemented.

Yeah, That's what I expected. I found a workaround by adding proxy physics and removing them by script when the item is attached / detached. That seemed to be impossible first too, but now it works for some reason. I guess you can close it