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server move notice when didn’t change server
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Can I have my characters moved to their last logout location on la 4332? I get a server change and move notice even though I didn’t change servers. Super annoying.

Locked out of base. This is ruining the game.


Operating System
Windows 7
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Every time I go to login I get the error

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Hello NeogamezDIY.
Bases should always be possible to open from the outside if no exploit like multi-accounting is used. As for the moving of your character - responded in the other ticket.

Yes, but when gates are removed and multiple walls present and all stored items are inside the base where I logged out, it means I would have to destroy my base in order to enter it again. Also, the amount of time it takes to traverse the map and get to a location desired means this error results in a total loss of time and now due to multiple spawns in a location, the re entry location is very possibly going to be right next to another character and result in my death, especially when carrying a sea chest or other item. I have stopped playing this game on those characters as a result of this error unless I can be moved back. I shouldn’t have to waste more time and resources to break into my own base because this keeps happening. I think we would both agree on that.

Base should’ve been accessible from the outside.