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Game crash connected to game play time
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We are encountering a consistent performance degradation in Arma 3, leading to eventual game crashes. This issue is observed by all players on the server and unfolds in distinct stages over a 1-2 hour gameplay period.

Performance Degradation Stages:

  1. Initial Gameplay (0-1 hour):

Performance is initially excellent, with player FPS ranging between 50-70.
The gameplay proceeds smoothly without noticeable issues.

  1. Decrease in Client Game FPS (1-2 hours):

Gradual decrease in frames per second, impacting gameplay fluidity.
This stage marks the beginning of the performance issues.
Note that increasing the view distance settings in-game tends to accelerate the performance degradation.

  1. Temporary Disappearance of Objects:

Continued performance degradation leads to intermittent disappearance and reappearance of in-game objects like trees and buildings, each lasting about a second.
This phenomenon further disrupts the gameplay experience.

  1. Critical FPS Drop:

The game's FPS drops to critically low levels after the above symptoms.
Gameplay becomes increasingly difficult due to the severe performance drop.

  1. Game Crash:

The game ultimately crashes, ending the session for all players.

Server and Mission Details:
The issue is server-wide, affecting all players.
The mission is resource-intensive, featuring approximately 1500 simple vehicle objects and 300-350 AI units, 5000 'allMissionObjects'.
Despite the mission's complexity, initial gameplay runs smoothly.

Temporary Resolution:
Restarting the game allows for another 1-2 hours of playable time before the issue recurs.


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Unfortunately, we only know how to reproduce it on the public server ADERNALINE.

Join the Server:
Access the 24/7 public server named "ADRENALINE."
Use the IP address: and game port 2302 to connect.

Play the Game:
Join the game and engage in normal gameplay activities.
Play continuously for a duration of 1-2 hours.

Additional Information

I'm attaching crash reports.

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Nerexis created this task.Nov 19 2023, 8:09 PM

Adding video showing the issue (when the game is in critical state before game crash):

dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.EditedDec 7 2023, 6:08 PM

This is known as the 3FPS bug. And has been a well known issue for the last... 5+ years.
As of todays profiling branch, the FLUSH cheat works, which should mitigate it without a game restart.

One of your crashes is game exit, the other is loading animations.
Loading animations one is interesting, but that might aswell be the game running out of memory

We disabled BattleEye for one day and 2 out of 2 players online that day didn't encounter the 3 FPS bug that day.