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Arma 3 not working
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everytime i try to start the game it just says bad image or some shit and never starts up. error code


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Windows 10 x64
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I don't know what else to do about this shit. I've tried so much already and nothing is working. literally nothing works or helps

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Please help me get this fixed. Branch is main in the launcher.

Please help me get this resolved


did you bring this up also in the Arma 3 discord yet?

it seems it doesnt even get to initialize the game - no game logs seem to get created.

did you try to start the arma3.exe and arma3_x64.exe directly yet?

did the game work before?

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I had the same issue I think there's a problem with the launcher

My fix was I went to Steam go to Arma3 >>> right click>>> browse local files >>>Find arma3 application (not arma3_x64)

The game will start. If you're running mods and you want to enable them you can do it inside the game settings and config.

Let me know if it works for you as it did for me.