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US Helicopters have United States Army on them instead of USMC
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So this is more a clarification report than anything.

But the UH-1H has United States Army on it, but we are getting the LAV-25's, which only saw service with the army during Desert storm as an emergency replacement for the Sheridans that had been taken out of service. Realistically, if it were the US Army we'd be getting the M113 and the M2A1, M3, or M2A2 Bradley variants.

So can we get some clarification on what force the US actually is?


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Here Geeze, no need for internal testing.

The Marine Corps evaluated the three LAV submissions. In September 1982, the General Motors submission was selected. GM was awarded initial production contract for 969 LAVs. The Army type designated the 25 mm gun variant as the M1047. The Army sought 2,350 of the 12.7 mm (.50) caliber-armed light squad carrier variant, and at one point was expected to be the LAV's biggest buyer. Congress canceled funds for the LAV-25, causing the Army to drop out of the program. The Marine Corps managed to secure enough funding to buy 758 LAVs in six variants

The LAV entered service with the Marines in 1983. The Army borrowed at least a dozen LAV-25s for use by the 82nd Airborne Division, 3 squadron-73rd Armor for a scout platoon during the Gulf War. These LAV-25s were returned to the Marine Corps after the conflict.

The only time post 1991 that the Army had LAV-25's was 2018 when the 82nd AB was doing tests with LAV-25A2's and that unit was disbanded in 2020.

The LAV-25 is also amphibious, also goes around 12.7 km/h in the water, so I do hope you get the amphibious propulsion working with them since it's not currently working with the BTR-70, which has a higher top speed in water than it currently does.

The LAV-25 is capable of keeping up with the AAV, which you had in ArmA 2, and the LAV-25 if I recall was as well.

Here is the screenshot showing the UH-1H in Exp.

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Hello Falcon91.

"US forces in Reforger are represented by US Army, with the exception of LAV-25, which was kindly lent by USMC, to provide the Army much needed mobility and firepower, before their own heavier armor arrives (in Arma 4)."