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Mouse not working, 1.23 EXP
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Holding right mouse button to aim brings the gun up to the fire position but clicking either left mouse button to fire or clicking the mouse wheel to aim down sight does nothing.

Also whilst in an animation(eating, drinking etc) clicking mouse wheel to zoom does nothing but if you double click left shoulder button on the controller it still does. Possibly connected to the above issue.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

As described above.

Event Timeline

I Play on Xbox (first Gen) i use keyboard and mouse and dont know if/how to change my keybindings, Suddenly when i try to fight or use a gun i have a glitch where i cant. unless i hold right mouse button then hold left mouse button but release right mouse button and click it one more time to lock my hands in place and only then release both mouse buttons and then i can fire or punch. it happens on both the 1.22 version and also the experimental 1.23 version

did a little more testing.
I have a LAN EXP server, I can login via LAN, but not public IP.
I again, tried to login to a few of the official EXP Servers and constant errors - unavailable, unreachable, connection lost.
then I tried to login to my LAN server again and I could not until I restarted it.