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NATO 6x48 optic zooms in against players will.
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After you zoom in using hunting optic, and switch back to your AR, your x48 will be always in the zoom mode.
This does not work to zoom out the optic. (if you zoom out the hunting optic)

I did not try it out with other optics (classic ATOG, modded sniper optics)


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Equip NATO AR with 6x48 ATOG
  2. Have it in the red dot mode.
  3. Switch to Tundra with hunting scope

3.1. Tundra had bottle supressor on.

  1. Aim with your sniper (didnt test blaze, etc)
  2. Zoom in (at least by one step, whatever you do after seemed irrelevant)
  3. Switch back to AR.
  4. Aim - your atog will be zoomed in
Additional Information

I did not perform many testings myself, ak variants with PSO etc.
I am only sure it was happening with the setup I described above.

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It happens to all optics that has secondary scope (or scope + iron scope on weapon combination). Once you in zoom mode (main scope) on one weapon, 2nd weapon automaticly switches to zoom mode (main scope) aswell (if the scope is present on the 2nd weapon ofc). And once you switch back to iron scope on that 2nd weapon and stitch to 1st weapon it will be in iron scope mode aswell. But maybe you meant something else