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Sometimes mods can't be deleted, redownloaded, or enabled, but appear in the mod manager.
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In the mod manager, sometimes for some mods they cannot be interacted with.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Unknown why some mods can be enabled, deleted, redownloaded, etc and some cannot.

Additional Information - video of the problem happening.

Other steps that I used to try to fix this issue not shown in the video -
Restart Arma Reforger and redownload. (Download failed)
Restart Arma Reforger and try to join a server using one of the mods. (Download failed)


Go to your addons folder and delete the addon. Going back to the server will correctly redownload the mod. The only thing in common between the mods that I noticed was that they were unnamed and the addon folder name was in hex, when I redownloaded the mod the addon folder was named.

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Hello Hephaestus.
Do you still experience this on the current version?