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Empty UAV vehicle left behind when UAV is disassembled
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When placing a UAV from a backpack and picking it up again, an empty UAV is left behind.

If you try to get into this UAV, it crashes the game.


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Operating System Version
UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Make a new mission with a UAV operator and a game master module linked to said UAV operator.
  2. Start mission and place down UAV.
  3. Run the following code:
getAssignedCuratorLogic player addCuratorEditableObjects [vehicles, true];
  1. Enter the curator screen: You can see the UAV, everything is fine.
  2. Exit curator and disassemble UAV.
  3. Go back into curator and observe empty UAV.

No mods were loaded.

Additional Information

The empty UAV has no model and is not returned by the commands entities, allMissionObjects or vehicles. allObjects does list it however.

8 allObjects 4 listed the following:
[58f6b69be00# 3: dummyweapon.p3d,58f6b69a000# 4: dummyweapon.p3d,58f6b7fe600# 14: b_ugv_02_s_f.p3d,58f66a4e000# 8: ugv_02_f.p3d]

If you try to get into the empty UAV, it crashes the game:
player moveInAny (8 allObjects 4 select 3)

No crash log was created.

In Vanilla, it is unlikely that someone will execute code similar to the above and get into the empty UAV. However, with ZEN (Zeus Enhanced) loaded, you can easily get a player to move into the empty UAV.

Version: 2.14.150962

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johnb43 created this task.Wed, Sep 13, 9:58 AM

This is just how the game works under the hood. When you disassemble a drone into a backpack, it gets hidden (moves out) so vehicle retains all of its properties - weapons, ammo, fuel, damage, variable space, variables keep pointing to it, etc.

Linking my ticket related to that, with a wish for a scripting command to return that hidden\out vehicle when you only have a backpack: T171260

I understand it's how the game works, however when disassembled a drone should be hidden from the zeus interface, to prevent issues.