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Forgotten van (request)
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I've tried asking everywhere for someone to do something with it. I've found a wreck of blue van in eden editor(can be spotted on Altis also) which has no functioning model for it( it's called "Land_Wreck_Van_F" in editor). I really want to see it brought back to life but lack the skills or knowledge on how to do so. But I am trying to restore the model my self and I probably try to use the code from existing vehicles for this one. If anyone is willing to help please do so.


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It's been 10 years and NO ONE thought on bringing it back. And it is not useless. It would be great for everything civilian related or rebels. It has 4-6 seats and cargo space. It also has 2 siting positions behind 2 slide doors that passengers can fire from. Also it has unique back door that opens upward at there can be 1-2 firing positions. It's perfect for surprise attacks or pursuits. Or on RP servers or in something like antistasi players can load boxes to haul cargo in it.

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This wreck has been in the game since beta and I remember people asking to bring this van back a lot of times. I guess it was just not up to A3 quality and wasn't included in the final game. Now that T-100X was dug out of pre-alpha content stash, maybe somebody could shed some light on this van too.