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Items that are equipped in bespoke slots don't return to them properly
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Items that are equipped in bespoke slots (e.g. guns in holsters, knives in sheathes, GPS/radios on backpacks) do not return to those slots properly if the player uses a hotkey to select a different item while it is in the player's hands


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Hotkey some item from your inventory (doesn't matter what)
Put a knife in a sheath (or gun in a holster, GPS/radio on a backpack etc)
Equip the knife/gun/GPS/radio to your hands
Press the hotkey for the item from step 1
Notice that the knife/gun/GPS/radio does not return to the sheath/holster/backpack but instead goes to first available normal inventory space.

*note: the knife/gun/GPS/radio does return to its sheath/holster/backpack properly when double-clicking it to de-equip it *before* pressing the hotkey for a different item

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Resolved for the future 1.26 update.