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Server change and move notice - when not changing server!
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Have been playing on LA 4332. Yesterday I went to login to my long term survivor and it gave me the server change notice and said I would be moved.

I spent hours building a base and removed all wire from my gates inside before logging out. If I’m moved I will be without all my gear and locked out of a very fortified base.

It’s a terrible issue as I posted about it in a forum and others confirmed they have the same issue. I DID NOT CHANGE SERVER. However, for some reason the game is telling us all that we did and requiring that we be moved. It is a pretty awful bug that after spending hours building makes me want to give up playing. I did not log in hoping that this error would be corrected.

I have no idea what server is somehow recorded as the previous server for my character or how it would have changed. Any help to correct this issue so that I can actually play the game and log back into my base would be really appreciated considering all the time I spent building it. Raids are to be expected but this is honestly so disheartening.

This is on Xbox series x console. Not sure how I got windows as operating system. Thought I was posting in console bugs!?



Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Anytime I try to login it give me a the server changed extended timer and tell me I’ll be moved but I did not change servers! I stopped playing because of this hoping it can get corrected!?

Additional Information

Please help fix this..