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Remove Map, Compass, Light, from quick bar by default
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With the new medical system now in place, it now makes more sense (Particularly for controller users) to have the Map, Compass and Light removed from the default quick bar as there are already independent controls to access these for both keyboard and mouse users and controller users.

It would make more sense to have other items such as the new morphine, saline, tourniquet or even smoke grenades in the case you have more than one colour (Though it is easy enough to just select the smoke grenade multiple times to switch colours).

If this change is not appropriate for a reason I am unaware of, an alternative solution would be to treat all medical equipment the same way you treat smoke grenades, so that by pressing the equip bandage button more than once (default 6 on key board or what ever position it is on the controllers equipment wheel) it would cycle between the different medical items so that players are not required to spend the time manually remove map, compass, light, from their hot bar and replacing them with the medical equipment.


Operating System
Linux x64
Steps To Reproduce

User must remove the map, compass, and light from the quick bar in order to be able to equip the medical items in these slots to use them.

Solution 1:
Remove the map, compass, and light from the quick bar by default, and allow items that get moved into the inventory from that point on automatically fill the quick bar.

Solution 2:
Allow medical items to function the same way smoke grenades currently do where you select the smoke grenade (default key 5 on keyboard or using the equipment wheel on controller) then select the smoke grenade a second time to switch colours. By allowing us to cycle medical items in this way, it would eliminate the need to assign them at all.

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Jeez I didn't even know you could cycle through smokes by typing the 5 key again. I learned something today, thanks. Arma should really have a manual for hidden controls like this.

Anyway strongly agree with finding a way to select medical items in a less tedious way than what we have now.

Solution 2 is the good idea