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Steam deck (And probably any mixed KB + Controller setup) cross control issues
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When trying to use both controller controls and KB + Mouse controls at the same time. Game will start to micro stutter in some cases.


Unable To Reproduce
Operating System
Linux x64
Steps To Reproduce

Example (Steam Deck):

  1. Set right touch pad and gyro as mouse and set left joystick as joystick move.
  2. Sove around while also quickly looking around, in sharp jerking movements.

Example (Mouse + Xbox controller)

  1. Move around using the Xbox controller while also quickly looking around using the mouse, in sharp jerking movements.


Noticeable micro stutter making it more difficult to operate during high stress combat situations.

Additional Information

I have been able to reproduce this issue on both my steam deck, and my Laptop (Running Win 11) using a steam controller.

The reason why this is such a big problem is it makes using a steam deck less viable, as it forces players to either make do with the inferior aiming of the controller controls and get access to the very well done controller inputs of the game OR spend the time and effort required to set up a viable set of keyboard mouse controls on the deck and not have access to certain controls that are available to the controller scheme

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Hello Mamith.
We have tried reproducing the issue, but werent successful successful. Tried it on both our Steam Deck and a W10 PC with an xbox controller. Could you provide more info?

  • Does it happen with any other game?
  • What version of the game does it happen on?
  • Is the game smooth otherwise? What graphical setting are you using on the deck?
  • Do you have Use software cursor in Gameplay settings enabled or disabled?
  • What compatibility settings are you using?
  • What SteamOS version are you on?
  • Could you write down the exact controller settings for the Steam Deck?
  • When on the laptop, do you have Steam Input enabled for the controller?
  • Are you using thumb grips/stick covers on the Steam Deck by any chance? (we find the gyro behaving much worse with the dbrand ones for example.)

Hello and thank you for your quick response.

After further testing I have been unable to consistently recreate this bug after the latest update. For now I will assume the instance I noticed in my testing right before my bug report was an outlier related to my own system having issues. However if I notice this issue reoccurring I will submit a more detailed bug report.

For now please consider this issue resolved and apologies for potentially wasting your time with this.

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