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Collision & Hand Bugs - 1.21 Official Server
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Have had multiple issue trying to walk down the watch tower ladder. Character gets tossed around when walking down them. Also had multiple issues while cutting down bushes. See attached youtube video link.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Walk down any watch tower in a military base. Cut down any bush using any knife.

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Geez changed the task status from New to Reviewed.May 30 2023, 10:55 AM

Can confirm if you chopp down Trees or Bushes
and put the knife/hatched to fast away it shows empty hands / and you cant interact or pick up stuff
you need to relogg and you have the knife/hatched again in hands

JustKeys added a subscriber: JustKeys.EditedMay 31 2023, 1:12 AM

Came to report the same issue and noticed this thread.

1 Splitting axe on hotbar slot
2 Press corresponding key
3 character equips splitting axe
4 walk to tree
5 dialog to cut logs
6 proceed to cut tree
7 tree falls
8 tabbed into character screen, double click axe to put away
9 hand bugged -- :(
10 must log out and log back in
11 once logged in character still has splitting axe in hands which you can then put away and pick up items again

I have had to logout due to tree cutting like 12 times in the past 2 days