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Mouse sensitivity
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ADS and hipfire sensitivity are sharing the same setting

<modificator name="aiming">
    <sensitivity name="vert" value="0.275000" />
    <sensitivity name="horz" value="0.275000" />

The shared value however results in two differents sensitivity for both, making it impossible to have a consistant sensitivity between camera, hipfire and ADS.
Please either make both sensitivity identical or split the settings in two separate values that can be tweaked individually


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • With the game closed, open username.dayz_preset_User.xml
  • Set a value for the xml snipper from description
  • Start the game
  • ADS
  • Move your mouse for a defined lenght
  • Leave ADS, raise your gun holding right clic
  • Move your mouse back the exact same lenght
  • Your cursor isn't pointing toward the initial direction.

Your FOV may affect the result, try tweaking it if you can't reproduce
Make sure your disable mouse acceleration as well (this should be disabled by default and/or have a settings ingame)

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To add to the topic : I would expect the same sensitivity when doing hipfire than going ADS with a sight that doesn't have a magnification