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Mission file download improvements
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Mission file downloads are slow. Many servers these days run moderately big mission files (60MB+) and are nearing the limit of what is reasonable currently. Some servers even encourage their users to download 3rd party applications to download the mission files faster to work around the currently outdated mission file downloading system.

So perhaps the mission file downloading could be looked at to make it at least a tiny bit faster? Currently mission file downloads are slow regardless of how fast your connection is.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Mon, May 22, 9:36 AM

Put this into your basic.cfg

class sockets {
    // Initial negotiated client connection speed in bytes, default 32000 (256 kbit)
    // It seems that if too set high then clients with slow connection might have issues with joining.
    initBandwidth = 1250000; // 10 mbit
    // Minimal negotiated client connection speed in bytes, default 8000 (64 kbit)
    MinBandwidth = 16000; // 128 kbit, even people in the middle of nowhere should get this these days
    // Maximal negotiated client connection speed in bytes, default 2000000 (16 Mbit)
    // MaxBandwidth = 6250000; // 50 mbit
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