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Old Man Harcourt Checkpoint Bug
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I keep going to the Checkpoint right before going over the bridge for Harcourt. Guard won't put up the stop sign so the drone can investigate the jeep. I keep trying to resume & load saved games to no avail. I can't complete these missions with these bugs. Can I force that guard to put up the stop sign? If I go through this checkpoint, I will surely be shot dead. I've only gotten this to work once. Got shot trying to get close to the ship to off some soldiers. I have to either resume the game or load a saved game. I'm too far along to start this scenario over again.

This goes step-in-step with the other bug preventing me from seeing tasks in the diary or lines that move on the map. This scenario seems buggy.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Resume game or load from a saved game.
  1. Drive to checkpoint before the bridge to Harcourt.
  1. Drive forward and guard continues to wave jeep forward, even after hitting the barrier in front of him.
Additional Information

I"m afraid I don't have a lot of FPS with this game, as I have an older computer.

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