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Player is not a Killer if after planting a mine he dies and respawn
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Tested in Dedicated server with 2 players
The killer after placing a mine and respawning is no longer listed as a killer in the "killed by..." killfeed message
Killer name empty for all clients
And no updates in Statistics ('P'-key by default)
see YT repro video


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. download my repro mission
  2. launch two arma 3 clients
  3. start dedi server
  4. load mission and respawn all clients
  5. as 1st client plant a mine
  6. make few steps away and press Esc >> Respawn
  7. plant a mine again
  8. select 2nd client and trigger that 1st mine (planted after respawn)
  9. look at the chat (killfeed) → no Killer name in killfeed massage
  10. next trigger the 2nd mine (planted before respawn) → Killer name identified correctly in killfeed massage

see YT repro video

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