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A scripting command to stop drone crew creationg on assembly
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I'd like to request a new scripting command to control engine behavior regarding crew creation on drone assembly.

Right now game keeps track if drone was disassembled without crew in it last time and it doesn't create crew again and such case, but this flag is only local to whoever did disassembly, if another client assembles the drone, they still create the crew. There is no way to control this flag from the engine and this crew creation behaviour is rather buggy with locality issues, crew gets created outside of the vehicle if assembled drone is remote and gets put inside after arbitrary number of frames (probably related to locality), but practice shows that its not reliable either and you may end up with some UAV units being outside of their seats. Plus the engine is hardcoded to create crew of vehicle's config side value while mission designer might want to create their own crew of their owner side. Despite my attempts to cope with current engine behaviour and spaghetti code needed to handle all possible cases - local vehicle, remote vehicle, finding units that engine created for the drone that are still outside of the vehicle, bugged units, deleting engine-created group to put engine units into a group of needed side, etc., etc., I still can't find a reliable way to achieve want I want to do - create drone crew of designed side, tests show that sometimes randomly you get Arma'd and something still breaks. Instead, just let us disable this behavior and let us do crew creation ourselves.

Suggested command:
enableCrewOnAssembly BOOL

by analogy with enableWeaponDisassembly, the command should just disable this engine behavior on client completely.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Alt name ideas:

Alternatively, have this as a description.ext property

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