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enableWeaponDisassembly effect is delayed on remote entities
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When enableWeaponDisassembly is executed on remote entities, effect is seen after a noticeable delay, while it should be instant on all clients.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Setup a game with 2 players looking at a disassemblable static weapon or drone:

  1. As a non-owner of the vehicle, execute cursorTarget enableWeaponDisassembly false while looking at the vehicle
  2. Observe that owner has "Disassemble" action removed instantly
  3. Observe that command executor has action visible for few more seconds

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dev branch this week, prof v4.
The repro was incomplete. Executing script locally on vehicle owner is also delayed, and involving a third player would also show delay.
Only fixing the script executor <-> vehicle owner case wouldn't have fixed the real issue.
You actually found a bug here that existed since dynamic simulation was added about half a decade ago :D