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Extremely long spawning times
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So this might not be an issue for everyone but it seems with the last update that the long spawn times are back.

With people that have comparable set ups they are only having 5 to 15 seconds to spawn, meanwhile it can sometimes take me up to 5 minutes to fully load in, during this time I can talk with people via voice chat, but I cannot do anything else. This continues to happen throughout the match, and doesn't get better only gets worse.

This has caused me to miss out on large portions of matches, anywhere between 15 to 30 min of the match can be spent into loading in.

As I said I can talk while loading in, but I cannot use my character at all. This happens on any spawn on official servers. I've actually presented evidence of this before in [[ | Feedback tracker T169789] but it seems no progress has been made, and it has gotten worse since March 28th when the last update was put through. I had to take a month off of the game due to a broken finger.

This continues to happen, and I've done a reinstall, I've verified files, so this has to be an issue with the spawning code and the way the loading of characters and the environment is handled.

When this is occurring, I am noting high CPU usage, with 2.6 gigs of RAM taken up as well when the issues start to occur.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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