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MFD item type="scale" does not work with some custom fonts.
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When creating custom MFDs, the scale definition works until a custom font is applied. Afterwards, the whole scale is missing, including the lines. This is not for all fonts though, replications of vanilla fonts still work and I found that RHS font still worked. However, the font generated still partially works, and was generated using FontToTGA.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Download and pack this repro:

Try the 3 variants of quad bike, each of which have the exact same MFD definition other than the font in use changes. This also defines a custom font which one of them uses, which was generated using FontToTGA.

In all 3, you can see the static text but with the custom font, the scale doesn't show

Additional Information

I opened the FXY file of the custom font with a hex editor, and noticed that the version number of that was 0x102, even though as far as I can tell according to the wiki the latest known version is 0x101. Could this have something to do with this?

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