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x (268435456) out of range <0, 1024)
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{F2952488}Hi !

I have a problem for several weeks / months I have players who often crash with this error:
x (268435456) out of range <0.1024)

You have attached a .rar with an example of error log + its MDMP. Here it is

(I'm aware of the various errors present in the *.rpt but I'm mainly focusing on the current error as it crashes the game for players with an ACCESS_VIOLATION error)

About fifty tests were carried out but nothing could determine which actions lead to the crash (more often it is when a person is injured but it is not systematic).

I was able to do a lot of testing and established that the mission is the problem, but when I modify it nothing helps x)

Thank you in advance for those who will look at the errors ^^


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10
Game Crash
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No particular steps.

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Didn't I look at this before?
Some object is way outside of terrain bounds.

I'm pretty sure I have seen this before.
Its trying to spawn "z\\ace\\addons\\medical_blood\\data\\ace_drop_1.p3d" at 0,0,0
Your crash is most likely relatred to that log spam, which is caused by some objects being very far outside of terrain.
I suggest you fix the various errors in RPT. Yes there is a F'ton of stuff wrong/broken, crashes at that point aren't really unexpected.

You are clearly running corrupted/bad addons, and seems like there is stuff wrong with the terrain too

16:30:33 aka_f150\data\иЯржњл*нлу.p3d: vehicle, config class missing
16:30:33 Error Agent 0x10a62100: Invalid path from [13.78, -11.59, 12.92] to [36.36, -12.95, 11.67].

As much as I dislike blaming mods, you really seem to have a massive bad mods issue. That is beyond what we can provide support for.

Good morning

thank you for your message

I'm seeing regarding what you said

However, why can objects spawn outside the field?
and do you know what objects?

Thanks very much.