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DayZ US 3664224 HC (Public) - Hosted by
Hackers in server


Operating System
Windows 7

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Our base was being actively raided an hour ago by guys with seemingly unlimited grenades. Could shoot through walls with pinpoint accuracy hitting their target. Lagspikes at extremely inconvenient times. Much more.

Location was Vusotovo near Chernogorsk

Dupers are everywhere. Me and my group controlled much of the NW of the map, then suddenly over night a massive base popped up and they have raided our 10 gates close to a dozen times in two week... The game is dying if they dont fix this. They should server lock characters...

Yeah it was very upsetting. This is the second time now on this server that it has happened to my buddies and myself. We’re switching to community for now and hopefully something happens this year to further assist the removal of these people. It just ruins the game for everyone else man.

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Thank you, we will take a look with the BattlEye team at this.