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Im running my own server. Have some mods. Was running fine. Today I crashed while lying down. And when I reconnected I am stuck in the wood and it makes it crash again. Tried all the usual steps, Verify, Uninstall, Repair Mods, Delete Docs' folder, DDU Clean Driver update, BIOS update, AMD Drivers update, Memcheck. Think I missed a few things. But I cannot spawn into my server. It runs fine and others have no issues. I think I am spawning in the map. Can I change my respawn point? IDK,, I only login to the game for a second before it hangs. I can see my base and gear. But the glitch crashes me everytime.


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Operating System Version
Latest Version Workstation Pro
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All I have to do is try to join the game.

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Hello JRShreds.
It appears that there is something wrong with the weapon you have in your hands.
The server admin could try to add it nto the cfgignorelist.xml so that it doesn't get loaded from storage or player.db anymore.

I fixed it. I had someone login as an admin. Then when I started to spawn in. I had them click "teleport" as the game crashed. And It actually worked. Was a bitch though. Took about 3 attempts.

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0xC0000005 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION, so this is always happening now, I can not play Dayz at all, I can only play the experimental one, kind of sad, as there is no explanation, I add the mods asked and everything, is there a fix? or this just a game or DLC that I will never get to play???