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A scripting command to preload map view at specified position and scale
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It is very useful to render static map shots onto textures with new ui2texture feature, to use in UI or on 3d objects. Unlike proper CT_MAP(_MAIN) that draws itself ignoring being inside controls groups, ui2texture drawn maps can be properly scrolled and cut off by controls group. But there is an issue of a lack of a way to know if map view is fully preloaded or not. You end up with textures like this with non-loaded cells:

I'd like to request a scripting command to preload map view at a certain coordinates and scale (and map viewport size).

Suggested syntax:
CONTROL ctrlMapAnimPreload ARRAY
with ARRAY being [zoom, position] similar to ctrlMapAnimAdd


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Additional Information

I'd like this command to be instant instead of streamed, so I can be sure that map is loaded before I render it. Alternatively, have two versions to queue the preloading with ctrlMapAnimPreload and instant loading with ctrlMapAnimPreloadNow.

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