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The draw distance is about a foot, walls and buildings don't load in unplayable on ps4 official or community


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Houses seem to load in now a bit better but still flash in and out with the trees, now i also have a constant bad connection symbol on my screen

In regards to the connection symbol, I would recommend to use an Ethernet cable if you don't already, or maybe consider upgrading to something a bit better. If the bad connection symbol is showing it's gonna be a problem on your end rather than the server.

lemmac added a subscriber: lemmac.Feb 22 2023, 5:36 PM

more likely a case of playing on a distant server with high ping, choose a closer one with low ping... oh wait you can't cos devs don't think ping is important enough to show console players lol

Before the 1.2 update I was able to play and it only used to glitch when I was near another player or a stash/base but it does that for everyone. Now even if I play a local area server it's jenky af. I've spoken to other players on ps4 and they are all having the same issues.