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Feedback on Experimental Build for Conflict
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I'm a huge fan of Conflict and I was interested to see the "free build" mechanic, which sounds like an interesting idea. So I installed Experimental to check it out. I realise the concept may change, but I can only judge on what I see, and what I see concerns me greatly.

Allowing free build in this way (especially without a rank requirement) is going to lead to chaos, especially from trolls in the game (and there are plenty of them who just love to ruin the game for everyone else). So, playing the part of a troll, I was able to: delete key services (e.g. armoury, vehicle depot, etc), box a player by surrounding them with sandbags in real-time as they walked, block off building doors and entrances, completely block the vehicle spawn service, build huge structures across roads and all the while eating up valuable supplies that are already painful enough to have to truck in.

If BI insist on adding this feature, can I suggest that it is only available to higher ranks, key services should be exempt from free build and that access points to buildings and services cannot be interfered with.

Additionally, allowing the standard key services (e.g. armoury, vehicle depot, etc) to be built by "anyone, anywhere" will often mean spending much time trying to find where these service have been put, wasting time and causing more player confusion. Especially if those Main Base services are built by whatever player who is first into the server. Inexperienced players will do dumb stuff, like place a vehicle depot so its facing right into a wall or trees, etc. Allowing players to create and delete these key services on a whim, is just crazy. Why bother walking all the way over to where the armoury is, I can just delete it and rebuild it right in front of me.

Honestly, sticking with this game has been challenging enough, making it even more frustrating and unpredictable won't be good for those players who have been loyal to the game so far with all its current faults and limitations.

There are so many simple ideas that would improve the current game substantially. Playing as an American I can't even put a LAW in backpack, while the Soviets can carry 4 RPGs at a time. How hard would it be to supply us with illumination flares so we can fight effectively at night (and how cool would that be!?).

Its so frustrating to see development time being prioritized on "high concept" functionality, that just doesn't really improve the player experience, and I say that as a fan of BI from the original early days of Operation Flashpoint. This "free build" function, as it is in the Experimental build, really needs some serious rethinking.

To me Conflict game mode is all about immersion - its not run by a moderating "game master" who can help smooth out the player experience. Allowing random players to run amok with this ability will not work out well.


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kgriff04 added a subscriber: kgriff04.EditedFeb 18 2023, 5:08 PM

Really good idea from my POV
Its modern, less restrictive and more creative and fun to do - i can see alot of possibilities with this .

Some feature requests
We need some sort of explosives to destroy barriers and checkppionts - its a big ask, but i was testing today and the US made an enormous base - with all those assets, over time its going to slow down the server and i dont see a way we can remove them as the other faction . We need to either be able to destroy their builds somehow, maybe within range of our truck we can delete them would be an easier option for now .
Can we steal supplies from other factions? e.g. transfer supplies from captured truck to our supply truck - this could lead to some interesting game play and not see trucks go to such much waste. Not only is in economic, the faction is losing time lost to the supplies lost, but its incentive for users to go out and find these trucks to bring back bringing another logistics scavenger element to the game
The collision of some of the objects for the bunkers is a bit disappointing, i cant but the MG inside the bunkers or the camo nets over some of the items to be a bit more creative with defenses , hopefuilly this could be adjusted . Maybe an option for bunkers to come with or without a gun.
Id love to see a little more to the supplies and type of supplies, ammo supplies and building suppplies - not reflecting any other game of course (refrencing squad here), but it just makes sense . Capture points then could reward more supplies of a certain type, similar to Company of Heroes RTS
FLARES - we need something for the night ops - its just too difficult to play this game at night especially when you are out in the middle of nowhere, its just not fun!
Im aware in the normal GM mode we can place AP and AT mines. Would be a nice feature to have this placeable by the supply truck as an additional asset. Maybe each team could have max 25 mines to place on the map to reduce abuse of it .

Some concerns

As mentioned above, i think a ranking system is a good idea . though i would only have a rank system for the home base, allow players to be creative with the truck out on the map .
Not being able to destroy enemy fortifications is going to cause problems for gameplay and servers imo .
Of course always, server stability is +1 priority, i played for 1st time in 9 months last night and i had a great time playing with over 3 hours of game time in one single server, unfortunately, with a large gun battle, the entire server crashed . This addition of the free roam placement might only enhance the server issues, so restrictions on who can place what and how much it costs in the economy need thinking if the server cant even handle large battles right now .

Geez changed the task status from New to Reviewed.Feb 23 2023, 2:08 PM
traeng added a subscriber: traeng.Fri, Mar 3, 9:45 PM

I think it may be smarter to limit the amount of objects that can be spawned by a player.

For example someone could place only up to 2 bunkers per map.

Going up in rank may raise that limit.

23 March 2023
Changed: Free Roam Building -  New implementation of the ranks limitation

I think that main problem of this ticket has been resolved