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get3DENAttribute for a waypoints speedMode and formation properties returns values of incorrect type
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When using get3DENAttribute on a waypoint to return the values of the "speedMode" and "formation" properties, the returned values are number, when it should be a string. The "behaviour" and "combatMode" properties are returned as a string.

According to the wiki, all of these properties should return as a string, which makes sense as setWaypointSpeed and setWaypointFormation require a string, not a number.

Edit: Further investigation shows the values are actually Scalars, not numbers. Doesn't really matter.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

Requires no mods

  1. Setup a mission in 3den with a unit and a waypoint, set the Behaviour, SpeedMode, Formation, and Combat Mode of the waypoint to whatever you want.
  2. Whilst having the waypoint selected, open the Debug console and execute the following code
_waypoint = (get3DENSelected "waypoint")#0;
_waypoint get3DENAttribute "behaviour",
_waypoint get3DENAttribute "speedMode",
_waypoint get3DENAttribute "formation",
_waypoint get3DENAttribute "combatMode"
  1. See that the returned values show behaviour and combatMode to be returned as a string, but speedMode and formation return as a number regardless of what the parameters on the waypoint are set to.

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