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Stairs at big guard towers
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  • when on top of the guard tower and walking back down the stairs (normal speed with W, not running!) the character does not walk down the stairs, he will "fly" over the stairs (because the gradient is too steep) and falling down -> instant brake leg (or worse)
  • the only way to not get injured is to walk (slowly) down the stairs (nobody know that and will instant fail as I did -> should be really fixed)


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • go on top of the (big) guard tower
  • go back to the ground via stairs, if you not go exactly in the middle or near the sides on top of the stair you will „jump“ and fail
  • happened on guard tower near guard house -> MB Swarog/Livonia (but guess it's a general problem)
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1.19 Stable

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These towers are really bad.
Do not try to walk faster than a crouch. and as said above, it's like your player is too fat for the stairs and gets stuck on the rails which pushes the player model forward/upwards instead down the stairs which has been an issue since inertia came.