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Vehicles, bridges and server restarts
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Having your vehicle parked on one of the bridges crossing the Livonia river while there is a server restart, will jam the vehicle into the ground of the bridge and instantly ruin the engine/whole vehicle.
2nd time I noticed this in a qute short time frame and also was reading about this issue on the DayZ Steam forum.
I can't confirm that it happens always, as I'm not that rich on vehicles. But the last two vehicles I parked on a bridge on Livonia and a server restart happens, the vehicle will get smashed into the ground and ruined.
Screenshot taken at the bridge in Grabin, Livonia.


Have Not Tried
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • Park vehicle on a bridge crossing the Livonia river
  • wait for a server restart, reconnect to server
  • notice the vehicle dancing in the ground of the bridge, already ruined (or have it despawned when your character is far enough away from it.)
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Hello etwas.
This issue has been resolved for the second hotfix.