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SPAR series of rifles have a few issues
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SPAR world model seems to have been massively over-optimized compared to the view-pilot LOD.
The first LOD in third-person for the SPAR rifles are quite a noticeably lower polycount than the first-person model and it makes custom texture work, it also makes the geometry very obvious around circular objects like barrels. and the stocks.

The SPAR-16 variants also have their stocks be slightly off-centre.
The SPAR-17 barrel for example is a literal square even at zoomed in view.

From close inspection it also seems that in the first Distance LOD that some textures are incorrectly UV Mapped, this can be seen on the stock tube and forward assist.

I've noticed these details when working on very in-depth retexture work of the rifles.

I think this could be fixed by making the first Distance LOD the same as the View-Pilot LOD

Image examples:

Edit 1:
The hole in the stock also has its UV show other parts of the gun.
Generally different parts of the gun has stretched textures due to the LOD quality. This is the closer-up LOD too, so it stands out.

Edit 2:
The SPAR-16S camouflage Selection is not applied to the barrel in the non-first person view models.

Edit 3:
5.56 150Rnd mags seem to have their first bullet UV mapped to the SPAR_01 texture, rather than the SPAR_02 texture like the rest

Edit 4:
SPAR-16 GL world-model has sights being 2D, in general all SPAR series rifles LODs seem to be messed up in terms of culling that was applied.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Move between first/third person and view the rifle from different angles.

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