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UCAV Sentinel dynamic number textures aren't configured as hiddenSelections
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Several Jets DLC aircraft have separate textures for their ID numbers so they can be modified without a full retexture. On the Shikra and Black Wasp II, these textures are configured as hiddenSelections, making it possible to change them using setObjectTexture.

The NATO UCAV Sentinel also has these separate textures, but they are not configured as hiddenSelections. As a result, it's impossible to change them.

The textures and selections already exist; hopefully fixing this is as simple as hooking them up to hiddenSelections and requires no awkward asset changes.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Inspect the UCAV Sentinel's texture setup. I used POLPOX's Artwork Supporter to turn it into a simple object and look in its Selections, but you probably have dev tools to do it better.

Note that there are separate textures for number_01, _02, and _03. Compare this to the vehicle's config hiddenSelections and note that the numbers are not present here.

Compare the textures and config for the To-201 Shikra. Note that the same separate textures are on the vehicle itself, and they are also available as hiddenSelections.

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NikkoJT created this task.Feb 1 2023, 10:00 AM