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New update destroyed server stability completely
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Since the new update dropped today the server stability is completely gone.

The EU-FFM server which was on Everon this morning had a System failure error on it after getting a Stalled Error.

US MI on arland multiple stalled errors, stuff not spawning when being built, and more.

The server stability over the last few updates has become so bad that servers are lagging out for 10 to 20 seconds at a time if not more, and the only way they recover is if everyone leaves.

BI you need to give us the full code, because obviously there's something you've screwed up badly. I also offered in an email to support to connect you guys with someone who actually fixed the issues in dayZ the last time he ran a server, to where we basically had 0 issues with the server aside from some minor loading lag on objects spawning, but you guys declined.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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Adding on to this, just tried to spawn a Jeep on [OFFICIAL] Conflict Arland - 11028130 at 2:41 am Eastern and it kicked me immediately for a stall error, the entire server lagged out for me completely.

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