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Inconsistent Grenade Launcher damage
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So the last fix did a good bit, but it seems the older problem is still around of inconsistent damage with the Soviet GL. The American one has similar issues when it comes to the AI, but on players I find it is pretty solid.

Tonight I hit 2 players directly, and one player less than 10 meters behind him with 40MM GP from the Soviet AK-74GP. All three player were able to walk away, one was in a gun in a Willy's jeep which I hit directly on the gun with the 40mm GP.

Problem? All those players were able to walk away, this happens randomly, and it seems to favour the Americans over the soviets on the modelling due to backpacks and the alice belts seeming to be able to take more damage than their soviet counter parts.

I've noticed this since day 1, but it has stayed the same and it's time it gets fixed.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Fire a 40MM on a live server and see what happens, sometimes you'll kill someone other times they'll walk away.

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@Geez this needs to be run through testing again. I hit a guy directly on the head with a 203 a few nights ago with multiple witnesses and the 203 exploded on him, and he was still able to fire 2 shots in response after it hit him in the head.

I think this is in relation to the way objects collide with gear, since I've noticed that the US gear seems to block more than the Soviet gear even though the utility vests have no armour in them on either side.

@Geez still an issue I dropped a 40mm in between 4 americans tonight right in the middle at less than 100 meters with the GP and all of them lived. That would not happen in reality they'd all instantly be incapacitated or dead.

This has mainly been resolved, the shock system needs to be tuned, since you wouldn't be able to survive a direct 203 impacting within 5 feet of you.

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