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ADS with Scope glitch
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Usually when you aim in with any scope, the point that the scope aims into (and sometimes binoculars?) is supposed to be the same point that you were looking at as you were aiming in (if I point the cursor aka white dot in the middle of the screen at something, I should then be looking at that same point with my scope once I'm ADS.) I've noticed consistently when aiming down sight with any scope (or at least all the ones I've ever used) while speicifically in the prone position on any kind of hill or slope, that the point which you were originally aiming at drastically changes downwards... I'll explain more in the steps to reproduce.

I'm marking this as a major severity because it can easily change the outcome of a gunfight, a part of the game that should probably be more mechanically flawless than anything else.


Operating System
Windows 10
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Steps To Reproduce


  1. go outside, with a gun and any scope attatched (mosin with PU scope or SVAL with ATOG 6x48 for example)
  2. find any kind of slope, hill, etc...I don't think this happens on flat surfaces outside and I definitely can't reproduce inside buildings.
  3. confirm ADS is normal in standing and crouch positions (when you ADS, you should aim directly at the same point that the white dot in the middle of your screen was pointed at.)
  4. go to prone position
  5. pick something to aim at before using ADS by pointing your cursor at something
  6. Now, ADS
  7. you should notice you aim drastically downwards from where you were originally pointed...thus having to drag your mouse pretty far back up to see what you were intending on looking at.
Additional Information

I'm not sure if this happens with things like mini sights, bakara sights, or ironsights, and things like that as I've not tried to reproduce although I think I would have noticed it at this point.

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corbuhh created this task.Dec 22 2022, 6:16 PM
corbuhh added a comment.EditedDec 23 2022, 12:56 AM

An update, this is confirmed to happen with all ADS weather it's an ironsight, red dot, and items you use to lookthrough like binoculars and rangefinders as well.
This can ALSO be reproduced in 3rd person as well.

unfortunatly, has been like this since forever... if the devs don't know about this already, then they never play their own game.

also guns with the barrel cut when aiming it's not exactly right it's like the barrel still exists.

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