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Improvised shelters are too low to crouch out of. Getting stuck / bugged inside
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Hi there,

I've been playing with the improvised shelter lately and have found that they are an amazing feature in the game.

However, when I placed down a couple of shelters and had some hours of playtime with them, I came to notice they seem too short/low for a character to comfortably crouch out of.
Crouch walking/sprinting inside a shelter works fine but getting out is the issue. You're getting bugged/stuck inside. It is possible to get out but in order to do so a player has to either walk sideways, continually sprint and bug his way out or go prone and crawl out.

For the PVE aspect of the game this kind of ruins the experience since whenever it's raining I have to sit outside the shelter in order not to get stuck inside. This ofcourse is a minor small inconvenience but overall there are more cases to be sitting in/under a shelter.
It would be great if someone would be able to take a look and possibly fix this issue.
Keep up the awesome work!

Yours sincerely,



Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Place a shelter (optional: in the woods near/inside some pine tree's - is where I had them)
Crouch walk inside then try to crouch walk outside. It should get you stuck and buggy.

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Resolved for stable 1.21.