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M203 Grenade Launcher rounds randomly float mid-air
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Sometimes when in multiplayer session i could encounter a bug when rounds being fired with M203 Launcher floats in place where barrel_muzzle (bone where projectile is spawning).

It's happening most likely when i im firing round after round, while having more than 30 rounds stored in vest or backpack.

I can't reproduce that bug in local GameMaster scenario, it only being spotted while multiplayer and what is more - mostly it was happening when servers were full.

Most of players using my Mk19 mod were able to reproduce this bug by simply shooting whole box of mk19 rounds.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Join crowded server.
(Can easily reproduce it on PBS one)

Equip M16A2 with M203

Fill whole Vest / Backpack with HEDP M203 rounds.

Start shooting round after round without a break.

Rounds will start to float where barrel_muzzle is.

Additional Information

Fired M203 Rounds that are stuck mid-air can be stored back in inventory.

Sometimes dropping and reequipping M16A2 M203 rifle will fix this issue, sometimes additionally you need to drop every round of M203 ammo.

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Thanks, will provide Video when it will happen again.

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Happened while ago.

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Hello Punky.
The problem has been fixed internally and the fix will appear in one of the future updates.