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Issues with lagging/crashing with dayz
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So I made tickets before about this issue, I was not able to reply to your comments, I keep getting errors saying the ticket can't be updated so here's a new one. You tried saying that the crashing issues have to deal with the server and mods I was playing on. The issue with you answer is I was playing on a vanilla server, no mods, and the crash happens after I logged off the server when closing dayz. That means it has nothing to do with a server, that's all you and the crap game you are making. You have not gotten back to me about the lag issues I reported, but I'm guessing again you will try and say it's not your fault. I have played on Many server vanilla and modded, I have lag on 5hwm all, and I'm not alone. Many people have complained about this. I have died from zombies bears and pvp because of this. I have lost gear, that's long periods of time gathering said gear wasted. All because you can't fix the game. Stop working on adding content and fix the issues people complain about first.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Game Crash
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