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ADS "Lock" Bug
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Often when I go to aim down sights, I have to click two or three times before it actually responds. This is a BIG problem, and I'm not the only one experiencing it. I have my keybinds set to toggle aiming down the sights with my right mouse button. Sometimes instead of ADS, it goes to hip fire. Another huge problem. This happens with both Toggle ADS enabled and with just hip fire aiming not using ADS toggle.

This has been a continual issue that has been in the game for over two years now. After coming back to the game and losing hours of progress to this bug multiple times I must report this as Major Severity. There is no reason to invest time playing DayZ if the first fight I get in my gun glitches out and I die because of it. This is game breaking and is keeping many players like myself from playing your title.

Please do everything you can to streamline the ADS mechanic so that it does not have to "transition" from hipfire to ADS. This is clearly causing the ADS to get hung up during this transition and is greatly tarnishing the experience of a game built entirely around surviving player engagements. Thanks.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

This seems to happen if the player has not used ADS in some time after multiple stance transitions/sprinting. I notice this happens especially when in full sprint and having to stop to ADS at the same time (very common in DayZ as players often jump out unexpectedly while you are moving).

The general concern can be replicated if you simply enable Toggle ADS and press/release ADS right click multiple times. The aim will get "hung" up and the client does not know which transition of aiming it is supposed to be in. You can often get the ADS to basically hang or even do hip fire ADS even though Toggle ADS is enabled. It very strongly looks to be that since you have the hipfire daisy chained to the ADS code and must go through that 1 second hipfire transition to get to ADS it will get stuck or lost in that transition handoff.

I STRONGLY suggest building in a separate ADS mode that does not rely on script piggybacking of the hip fire action in order to simply raise the gun ironsights into your line of sight.

Additional Information

Issue has been present for multiple years and is a game breaking concern in combat.

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Just a quick addition that possibly verifies this issue:

If you bind "Toggle ADS" but also unbind the "Raise Modifier" than holding that bound key (right mouse) nothing will happen. This further makes me believe the problem is that Toggle ADS is being hooked to Raise Modifier in order to function rather than being a standalone bind that can be used as single function irrelevant of Raise Modifier.

It's probably the same engine bug issue where for example. Only 1 person can interact with a vehicle at a time.

I notice ADS usually when I'm clicking faster than the engine can think.

Crouch running, multiple inputs,
Press hold right mouse quickly
press left click, no response. (My theory is the engine is still processing the click on hold task and is not in sync with OH THE PLAYER WANTS TO PERFORM THE FOLLOWUP QCTION.)
This happens 80% of the time I attempt to stealth kill.

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Hello everyone.
The issue has been resolved internally and should appear in the next 1.20 update.

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