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PC crashes on DayZ startup
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Hello Bohemia,
Never thought I'll be having to contact you but there is first time for everything. I'm a big fan of DayZ and have been playing it on several accounts for years. I Rarely had problems with it and enjoyed playing.
Few days ago I was playing with my friends(STABLE) when a server restart happened and the game crashed. After that I could not start DayZ anymore. The errors I get are couldnt_init_dxgi, BSOD (blue screen) kernel_mode_heap_corruption and in the task manager I've seen dayz filling up my memory on startup (16GB RAM) to the max and then crashing the whole PC (most of the time). 
Things that I've tried: 
-updating GPU drivers-updating Windows (windows 10)-downloading and updating directx-deleting dayz folder from documents-verifying game cache-REINSTALLING DAYZ-reinstalling all my drivers-checking all my pc components and they all seem to be working fine
While all my other games seem to be working fine, the game that I love the most doesnt. Please reach out to me and if needed I'll provide you with more info so we can hopefully get me back on track. :) 
My steam name is Tetrahidrokanabinol, and my ID is 76561198871911315

Thanks, Dino


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

I really dont know. DayZ crashed after server restart and crashes on every startup after that.

Additional Information

I have attached dxdiag and reports. If needed I can leave the pc to crash again and then send you the reports because I often turn the game off on startup after I see it wont run.
If attachments dont open, here is we transfer link :

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Hello Tetrahidrokanabinol.
Would it be possible for you to try this on fresh instalation of Windows? Since the BSOD points towards an issue with the OS/Software rather than with the game itself.

Hello Geez,

I tried already and I have used a different installation this time so we can eliminate OS. I think, BSOD points so because it really does make an OS/Hardware problem, after startup dayz fills my memory full and probably crashes the pc because it cant handle more.
Now that I have tried it on another OS, there is not much to do I think :(

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Can you please try the following?

Verify the game data through Steam and delete the configuration files when prompted to do so (Make sure Steam Cloud Sync is disabled prior to doing this) or delete the C:\Users\*username*\Documents\DayZ folder manually

Open the DayZ launcher
Select PARAMETERS menu
scroll down and check "Bulldozer" parameter
Launch the game
Once launched, close the game
Uncheck bulldozer
Launch the game again without any parameters



Sorry for late reply, buldozer mode resolved the problem.
Thank you so much!

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