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Cheaters are Ruining DayZ
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Hi. First of all, this is an extraordinary game and I commend you and the entire staff at BI for your ongoing efforts. Thank you in advance for reading my report.

I'm a veteran player with 3,951.5 hours in-game. Love this game. BUT, lately I've been encountering cheaters on official servers, specifically players using ESP and aimbot hacks. Once a week for the last month, I've lost well-established characters to the dishonorable gameplay of these punks.

Most recently, my character was sitting quietly in an upper level apartment in one of the rowhouses of downtown Chernogorsk. I like to smoke cannabis IRL while I'm in-game, and pretend my character is having a smoke sesh at the time. What I usually do is sit my character using the "Sit Crossed" gesture, in an interior setting that's "safe" you can't approach me without audibly alerting me, and my character is always positioned totally invisible from outside. I use the quiet time to listen for other players, and essentially surveil the town.

So my character, with full stats and stable body temp, was sitting quietly for 10 or 15 minutes, unable to be seen or heard, and suddenly I was shot dead through the wall. That tells me my assailant knew my position through the ESP hack (which I assume is the hack that displays beacons on the cheater's HUD) because he/she certainly didn't detect me through conventional means. And he/she possibly used the aimbot or other hacks to deliver the shot down range. As far as bullet penetration through the building walls/floors, I couldn't say.

Countless other players have experienced this. Many have quit playing, including my former partner who could stand it anymore. I know it's just a game, but it's so frustrating to lose your time investment to a dishonorable cheating player.

So after roughly a decade since the game's inception, this major issue is still plaguing the loyal community of honest players, and many of us are reaching our breaking points. I humbly ask that the dev team continue combatting this issue, and I pray for a solution before I reach my breaking point and abandon the game. Not what I want! Please help. Take care!


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Fulltang created this task.Oct 25 2022, 2:38 AM

I feel your pain prother, let all your veteran characters rest in piece. I don't know how much BattleEye workers get, but cheat creators ask 5-15$ per day (!!!! only one day), and up to 75$ per month. So if you like money (at least just a little), and more/less able to code, you'll do everything possible to improve your cheat every 2-5 days so it would stay undetectable. Plus, if there are like 10 guys who will buy month subscription, it equals 750$ per month, not bad, ha? But I'm pretty sure there are a lot more than 10 ppl, so you can imagine how passionate are those guys with protecting their income. Ofc it's sad when some noob for couple of bucks can say "hey man, your 8000h means s#*t to me, heck, even walls mean s#*t to me". But yeah, lately it's at least once a week.

I don't mean to sound like a knob, and I am not defending the cheater situation at all. But if you play on PC, you have the option of community servers where cheaters are wayyyyyy less common. You can even play on servers with active admins who spend their time catching and banning cheaters. If you play on PC and play official servers, you are kinda asking to bump into hackers tbh. The hacker situation is a very very difficult thing to fix on official servers, unfortunately there really isn't much the devs can do about it, or they would have done it already... the simple solution for you personally is to just avoid playing on those servers. You will have a much better experience elsewhere in the community servers

I had no idea it's such a lucrative business for cheat coders, or that the code is updated so frequently. Now the irreparability of this clusterfuck makes total sense. RIP veteran characters :salute: LOVE how you said that. Luckily I've learned to maintain a good attitude and treat every spawn as a unique and fresh adventure.

I've tried community servers, and I may try again. I just prefer zero mods. I'm actually very hardcore in favor of the pure experience, and low mod or no mod servers seem few & far between. The one I managed to find always had super low pop, and eventually went belly-up. I'm def open to any suggestions!

Thank you both for your replies. You rock |m|_

@ItzMikeDocherty. I know Mike, but the reason I ended up on official after ~5000 hours of game is because admins on those "private" servers sometimes are worst than cheaters. And don't call them "hackers", those at least can "hack" something, these are only able to "mom, can I borrow your credit card?"

@Fulltang "Luckily I've learned to maintain a good attitude and treat every spawn as a unique and fresh adventure." - that's the key, it's good that you know it. Suicide just to get to the dead body as fast as you can is a dead end

@JerseyD911 Yea there can definitely be some bad admins around, generally more in the highly modded community from my experience. But I know there are plenty of servers out there with very solid admin teams who can really make the playing experience great. My entire time playing DayZ on PC I have encountered 3 cheaters, all 3 of which were caught and banned after I provided evidence to the admins... It's just about finding a good server with a reliable owner and community.

@Fulltang There are some vanilla community servers out there too, it doesn't have to be modded. But lightly modded servers are actually a very good way to experience dayz, you still get the classic dayz feeling, just with more content like clothing or weapon variety, different maps or custom areas on vanilla maps and most importantly imo the player count can be higher...And also ofcourse MUCH less cheaters and less toxicity overall, better interactions with players etc etc

For some solid lightly modded servers I would recommend you guys to check out KarmaKrew, Dayone and ZERO servers. Great balance, great admins, little to no cheaters, tasteful content additions.
For vanilla community servers you could try the Dusk servers or something

So I found a community server I'm really digging so far, Almost Vanilla Fallen Refuge. I went beyond Mike's suggestions because I prefer 3PP. Don't judge. Anyway thanks for the advice! So begins a new chapter as I've once again escaped the toxic shitshow of official servers. Take care dudes!