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Livonia and DayZ performance issues post 1.19
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Basically very poor graphical performance in DayZ 1.19 most notably Livonia with sub 50% CPU and GPU load? Render frame times can exceed 30ms!

This is with an RTX 4090 and Ryzen 5800x with 32GB DDR4 RAM


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
latest patch
Steps To Reproduce

Easy to reproduce, run around Topolin city of Livonia and the framerate tanks big time in 4K

Additional Information

4k ultra resolution settings, can achieve 150fps or more in Chernarus

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I will say, Livonia is a much more graphically demanding map. Way more details in most places. Biggers towns / cities, wayyy more foliage which all have to be casting shadows etc etc. Especially with 4k ultra settings Livonia is a pretty demanding map to run. The settings which impact performance the most are "shadow detail" "Hardware antialiasing" and "Ambient Occlusion". I would recommend that you turn some of those settings down and you will see a pretty massive increase in FPS

no it's not that Mike, those settings even when disabled have next to no impact on my performance.

I think what is causing it though (or is related to the issue) is the View Distance and Preferred Object View Distance set in the config file because I do see a massive change in performance going from say

to 3800 and 6000 which gets knocked down to the server limit anyway

I didn't have a problem with those settings btw before 1.19 and my RTX 3080 GPU the other week. I'm guessing that the CPU is trying to calculate and send draw commands to the GPU at these larger distances causing a delay in the frametimes, the GPU itself becomes more utilised the lower the view setting. It could also be of course that the server view limits have gone up and now these higher numbers are actually taking effect... I don't know that btw I'm speculating and experimenting to find what the cause is.