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Vehicles broken after 1.19
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After 1.19 sometimes you can't interact with the vehicles anymore. And if you manage to do it you get desync and you can't get out of the car anymore.
It acts like that entity stopped existing. The fix is to relog, but you need to relog like two times. After relog the car is gone., including the character's gear, the clothes etc except the main gun that loses all the attachments. This was happening before 1.19 as well but more rarely, now it happens all the time.
This happens with all cars, including Vanilla ones.
It looks to happen more with a full server for some reason (but we have no other problems so it's not the servers fault as it's not struggling)


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Windows 10

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ArmoredArtist added a subscriber: ArmoredArtist.EditedOct 19 2022, 6:47 PM

I had a similar thing happen on our vanilla server after the patch, cars were desyncing in a similar manner as mentioned above when they bumped anything. Upon a small collision with another object, they would just vanish from sight to others but be in some weird frozen state like they were dead or uncon in the car. Sometimes there would be animal noises and other game sounds for the driver. The person could not get out of the car. The person outside of the car could see the car and driver but not interact with the car or driver in any way. Upon relogging the driver would be dead but the car with driver in it would remain in the game world for everyone else on the server. When the observers relogged the car and driver would be gone. Here is a screen shot from the driver and observers perspective.

It is also worth mentioning thrown items were going under the map at the exact same time. A server reset was all that could fix this issue. The issue did not show itself until the server had ran for around 4 hours.

Yes, I can confirm that the same thing was happening with the items thrown as well, they would vanish into the ground at the exact same time when the cars had issues. After server restarts, everything will go back to normal for a bit until it will start again.

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Hello GPlayMihaela.
Does this occur on modded/community server or have you experienced this on the official servers as well?

GPlayMihaela added a comment.EditedOct 20 2022, 12:36 PM


I didn't test on official servers, it happens on modded for me.

R0zik added a subscriber: R0zik.Oct 20 2022, 12:59 PM

Hello. Met the same on the official server.

Geez added a comment.Oct 20 2022, 1:52 PM

Hello everyone.
Can you please provide us with videos of the issue both from official and community servers? (Please specify when uploading the video from which it is).

Modded server

So we've got "no collision damage" configured for all vehicles, so before 1.19 when I hit a tree like this it would just bounce off and I would continue as normal.

Now what happens in the clip I'm showing, is that after hitting the tree, I can no longer exit the vehicle. I no longer have the option to open the door. It's as if my character no longer exists.

The vehicle also is gone, even though on my screen it's still there.

When I relog, my character will lose all its gear except for the shoulder guns, but all the attachments for those guns are gone too.

There are variations of this bug. Sometimes the screen simply goes black, other times I can keep driving but whatever I'm seeing on my clientside isn't actually happening ingame and eventually I'll have to relog and I end up back where I started when the desync started occuring.

i am heavy hit with this same bug but my screen goes black and i hear animal noises and other stuff in the background..happens to every car any player uses within 10mins of driving

I can also confirm Players are experiencing the same issues on my community Xbox Server

We figured out why this starts to happen. Basically if a vehicle is on the map with less than 3 wheels, it counts as a "non-entity" or whatever.
That then causes the whole server to go into a state of "desync". Basically until the server restarts again you will have a bunch of different issues as described in this thread.

So the way to prevent this is to make vehicles never spawn with any less than 3 wheels (it may even need to be all 4 wheels, haven't tested all vehicles).

Also make sure (as some mods do) to prevent players from removing wheels from vehicles.

Hope this info helps.,