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1.19 Exp - Humvee needs a winch if the traction issue can not be fixed!
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Vehicles need a winch option!

Attach the item to the bumper of the vehicle.
Set the attachment point similar to the cord reels and for a hot fix, let us attach to any part of the ground until vehicles are fixed.
In the future, make trees, stumps and large rocks attachment points.


The Vehicle traction issue has become such a MAJOR issue destroying vehicles we really need a winch option!

I spent over an hour last night because the Humvee I was driving decided to stop driving and just slid down the incline it was on, hitting multiple trees and becoming imbedded into 2 stumps. After an hour I had to give up and consider the vehicle lost as it was becoming more and more destroyed by the stump attacking my vehicle.

The Humvee powertrain bug (the one where shifting D or R does not actually drive until you turn it off and on again) causes the vehicles to become useless when driving on any incline.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Drive onto an incline.

Press the brakes.

Vehicle will no longer drive.

Vehicle will begin sliding down the incline until hitting everything.

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