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Bad terrain, car killer
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Driving in the wilderness looking for new locations in the far south east. Hit a bumpy section of road and the car got bounced once and then appeared stuck inside the terrain. Character did the pass out animation but i could still see and took a screen. tried logging but got a fresh spawn. This was near one of the new mil convoys. Included map location, and the last view before death.
Edited; Added screens after revisiting. Some odd terrain deformation that is almost invisible from the top of the incline. Not a huge deal but anybody coming down after looking for the convoy might have a rude awakening if they don't use caution after the mound.


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Windows 10 x64
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The exiting vehicle bug is really annoying. Happens a LOT in the Humvee and truck.

Also never log while uncon, that'll kill you.

I know it kills you, but i was not sure if i was still passed out or not, and waiting around didn't seem to change status. The view from the top was the only camera perspective i could get after the impact, and mouse controls were also non working. just stuck staring at a blue roof.

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