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Car Simulation Rear Wheel Animation issue
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Recently since 1.19 Experimental has come out, I have been witnessing non stop issue with the rear wheel animation on the left side, it constantly likes to flicker up and down across the whole animation phase at some points driving around, I have confirmed this happens with all vanilla vehicles including modded vehicles no matter what you do and seems to occur more in the lower gears. - video to example of the issue

Olga also has off centre wheels meaning when they spin, they spin off center and look wobbly.

Automatic vehicles like to stop moving if you hit something at a fast speed with deactivated vehicle damage, then it will make the rpm drop to 0 and you have to turn the vehicle off and on again to get it moving, only seems to be automatic vehicles this happens on.

Also with manual sometimes if you change gears too quick, your vehicle wont move in gear 1, but move to gear N and it will reverse acting as its in reverse gear and sometimes if you're in neutral you can drive forwards like you're in gear 1 this seems to happen when you're gearing fast and increasing and decreasing RPM's at fast speeds.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Drive any vanilla vehicles around or modded vehicles to witness the rear left wheel animation issue as it occurs quite often.

The automatic vehicle issue can happen if you disable vehicle damage and hit something at high RPM.

The manual vehicle issue is very random and hard to reproduce.

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Also having the issue with automatic vehicles when put into drive dropping to 0 rpm straight away, my idle min and clutch rpm are way above the lowest point of the torque curve, but can not get them moving. Switch them to manual and they move fine so something is really up with the automatic function

This is all on the Experimental 1.19 Diag version I am testing this

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Hello Callatic.
The problem has been resolved for the 1.20 update.


Which issues specifically here are we talking about that are fixed? Wheel animation issue? gears been out of sync issue?
Have you managed to fix both for 1.20? Also do we have a timespan on roughly when we get first release of 1.20 either to experimental or live?

Many thanks,