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Outdated assets and possible replacement models [Ticket for 3D artists]
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Firstly, I would like to thank the hardworking 3D artists at Bohemia and the DayZ team, they've done an amazing job with the many new assets that have been added over the years. However, I'd like to point out that there are 3 models that are over 2 decades old in DayZ! Mainly from Operation Flashpoint, which came out in 2001. Some OFP assets in DayZ were removed and some were remastered in 0.63. I wanted to compile a list for some of the artists on the team so that they could possibly remaster the existing ones or integrate newer models into DayZ. Unfortunately there are many old Arma 2 assets in DayZ and I think updating some of them will bring a QOL improvement in the sphere of graphics, which I think is lacking right now in some areas.

Here is a list of models from OFP:

1. structures_furniture.pbo/kitchen/Dkamna_uhli/Dkamna_uhli.p3d

2. structures_furniture.pbo/Beds/postel_panelak1.p3d

3. structures_industrial.pbo/Farms/Barn_Brick1.p3d

Some new assets have been ported over from Arma Reforger into DayZ, such as the new HMMWV vehicle. After looking around, I found many models in Reforger that are perfect replacements for existing proxy models.

Here is a list of suitable replacements from Reforger:









Here is a model that I think should be remastered completely.


Both of these proxy models have very low resolution textures and poly count. I think the artists could utilize the book model from gear_books.pbo/Book_kniga.p3d with some blank textures to fill up the book case.


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Lasyen added a subscriber: Lasyen.Oct 12 2022, 4:17 PM

Agree, compared to Arma Reforger those lool really old and lowpoly. I know it's easy to say, but you could just port the object from Arma Reforger instead of creating them from scratch. No need to replace all the objects, just replace a few for the first time, you'll improve your dev position infront of players that you are still care about those details. I know dayz is an old game, but I'm sure it's not gonna day in a year or two. If you keep providing a game with new updates for the next few years I think you should definitely do this, just few assets each update, no need to tryhard. And I'm pretty sure Dayz will keep bringing income. Each massive update brings new life and interest to the game (liki it was with toxic zones, explosives, bunker/humvee, and hope launchers/machineguns/chopper and AI missions in future). PS. You also can bring in the game an airdrop, I know there are helicrashes already, but animated airdrop will hype the game even more. Tarkov guys made it, and I doubt they regreted about it. Just assign some guy to monitor current state of Workshop, 'cause lately there are a loot of great modes you could take an idea from.

I think they could slowly implement a few of these models for a starter, and gradually implement more. I think the oven model definitely should go first, it sticks out like a sore thumb. What I like about oven model from Reforger is that it also comes in different color variations! Perfect for DayZ, since the oven is practically used is so many buildings.

Here's one in Green :D

Oven, 2story bed, water pump... Yes, nobody says "we want all assets updated in the next update". 2-3 (5 max) assets per update is a good start.

Geez changed the task status from New to Reviewed.Oct 16 2022, 9:20 PM